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14 Best Anime Fighting Games


History of Anime Fighting Games

Anime fighting games first popped up in the once popular pinball arcades,and instantly made a place for themselves in the gaming niche. Fighting games have been very popular and continue to gain popularity in all age groups and nations throughout the world.The very first video fighting games had characters based in anime culture. It’s not surprising that anime based fighting games are among the most popular video games around. These games have continually evolved in graphics as well as playability and story line over time. From the simplistic, even silly beginnings the games have evolved into having very realistic and unbelievable graphics that amaze delight the legions of fans of these modern fighting games.

Basic Designs

These games usually feature a contingent of characters with various moves and skill sets that differentiate them. Each player chooses from the available selections. The characters then face off in a series of short rounds, gaining points for the damage they inflict on their opponent. A final score after all rounds are completed is calculated and a victor is announced.
Anime Fighting Games

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